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Course Description

At this point, the complicated part has already been left behind, but in this last phase they will demonstrate that they have not only the knowledge, skills and analytical thought to passed, but also to be able to carry out their work without supervision.

The evaluation material is provided by a committee in representation of the medical professionals of and associates of these areas, will be in charge of test the applicant’s knowledge that until now has helped them to approve the steps of the USMLE.

What to expect of USMLE Step 3?

On this step depends the possibility that the students can carry out their tasks with freedom and responsibility, and finally exercise their career independently.

Literally the main reason of this last step is to verify that these future doctors not only have the capacity to care for patients, but that they can have the authority to determine the standard measures for their care and attention, both in Independent situation (day 1 of the evaluation), and advanced clinical care (day 2 of the evaluation).

What do we offer for USMLE Step 3?

  • We will review with you the correct techniques for digitized patient care, review of medical records and how to deal with these cases.
  • We will reinforce with you the basic clinical knowledge and skills that you must have and apply easily. Preparer yourself with our mentoring program.
  • We will practice conversation techniques and how to use social sciences in communication with patients.
  • We will analyze your ability to understand analysis statistics. So, you can determine where you to focus on.
  • Lear how Demonstrate ethics in medicine with clinical situations that can test your moral standards.
  • Analyze with professional physicians how to handle decision making in health matters.
  • How to get a correct diagnosis? Use our highlight system to study cases and the ways the diagnosis where made to treat a patient.
  • Practice the correct way to fill out the different evaluation forms, taking into account the method of previous tests has already shown and how they are indispensable in this last evaluation.

No additional materials are needed for this course.