USMLE Step 2 CS Exam Preparation
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Course Description

After professional practice or internship applicants to the USMLE test must enroll for their next evaluation. This seems to be the most complicated for many due to the tension it can generate, ironic the fact that this phase has a pass rate of 95%.

Why is it so feared? Because it will no longer be a simple evolution in which basic knowledge and principles are tested, Step 2 CS looks to see how you can handle day-to-day cases and situation and identify if the applicant has the minimum Clinical Skills to become a certified Doctor.

What to expect from Step 2 CS?

What will you see on the test? They will test your diagnosis processes, review of examinations and treatment and practical use of the information from patient simulations, the propel procedure to prevention and promotion of health care, and how you effectively apply medical knowledge.

This seems normal for those who have spent a maximum period of 16 weeks in these internships, but applicants should still pay close attention to direct and indirect encounters with patients, creation and analysis of medical records to prepare treatments and use common tools to solve what may seem complicated.

What do we offer for Step 2 CS?

We want you to avoid overconfidence and prepare yourself to what can be difficult, even for experience doctors: remote patient care. That´s why you will find videos of different cases presented by real people acting as patients with different symptoms for you to practice in diseases diagnosis.

  • Enjoy an interactive library with extensive content of illustrative images to work on understanding medical cases.
  • More than 40 medical cases in USMLE format for the personal study of each student and to sharpen their skills.
  • Diagnostic cards where you will find relevant information according to the patient’s complaint and emphasis on the main symptoms.
  • Mock exams to practice and test the study system and your progress.
  • Compare your study notes with other students in our system and identify holes in your notes and how to improve them.
  • Access a detailed list of symptoms, medical situations, and diseases to use with study partners to help you determine diagnoses.
  • Discover which is the ideal method to perform a physical exam that is approved by the USMLE.
  • Access to updated content to research whenever you need specific cases or topics.

No additional materials are needed for this course.